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Alan Carville is a Maltese based Architectural photographer servicing Architects, Interior Designers, Hotels, Realtors, Commercial Corporations, Contractors, Government Departments, Advertising Agencies, and Publications.


Establishing himself as one of the leading architectural photographic identities in the region, he has been awarded the SWPP Overseas Architectural Photographer of the Year, Advertising Photographer of the Year, Overseas Commercial Photographer of the Year, and Overall Architectural Photographer of the Year. He is an Associate of the Societies of Photography ASWPP and is represented internationally by Dreamstime Stock Photo Agency.


Originally coming from a BA in Chemistry, he later studied Photography at the Northern Melbourne Institute of Technology - Australia, where he eventually joined the full time teaching staff, twice being awarded Educator of the Year.


His work is featured monthly in leading local and international magazines and his reportage work has been exhibited in Canada, America, England, Malta, Australia, Japan, Egypt and China. 


Alans work is characterised by his simplistic usage of colour, lines, balance and symmetry. 


"I am impartial to the images that I make - they may look good today, but tomorrow I am a different person with a different emotional content.  My greatest honour is to be invited into someones personal space; one that I would probably never get a chance to see under normal circumstances."




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